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05 Mar

Dear Tea Enthusiast,

We at Tearitoria are excited to share with you the pivotal role H2O (water) plays in the preparation of your favorite beverage - tea. As a tea lover, understanding the significance of water in brewing the perfect cup of tea can help you elevate your tea experience to new heights.

Water, the unsung hero of tea, contributes to 99% of the final product. Its quality, temperature, and chemical composition all have a profound impact on the flavors and aromas of your tea.

Quality of water: Water is the foundation upon which tea is built. Using pure, high-quality water is essential to ensure the delicate tea leaves can release their full flavor potential. Tap water containing chemicals like chlorine, fluoride, and excessive minerals can negatively affect the taste of your tea. We recommend using filtered or spring water for a cleaner, more refreshing taste.

Water temperature: Different types of tea require different brewing temperatures to extract the perfect balance of flavors. For instance, delicate teas like green and white teas require lower temperatures (around 160°F to 185°F), while bolder black and pu-erh teas require hotter water (around 195°F to 212°F). Using the right temperature helps in releasing the tea's flavors without causing bitterness.

Chemical composition: Water with a neutral pH level (around 7) and a balanced mineral content is ideal for brewing tea. Very soft water can result in a flat taste, while very hard water can leave a chalky residue and mask the tea's natural flavors. You can experiment with different sources of water to find the one that suits your taste preferences best.

At Tearitoria, we believe that water is not just a medium for tea preparation but a crucial element that can make or break your tea experience. By understanding the importance of H2O in tea preparation, you can unlock the full potential of your favorite tea varieties and indulge in an exquisite sensory journey.

Happy steeping!

Warm regards,

Kaspars Ulanovs

Tearitoria Online Shop

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