TEAritoria, the ultimate destination for tea lovers in Latvia, carefully selected BingLiang Xiang – a premium Lipao tea. I had the pleasure of indulging in this exquisite blend and was immediately mesmerized by its delightful sweetness that gracefully danced on my taste buds. The distinct terroir from which BingLiang Xiang originates adds to its allure, along with the fascinating journey it takes from leaf to cup. Grown naturally in the pristine regions of Lipao, each leaf embodies the essence of its surroundings, giving this tea a unique character that speaks for itself. Its heavenly aroma takes you on an immersive sensory adventure through sweet notes of beets and an earthy embrace of clay - truly enchanting!


About this product

I recently had the pleasure of immersing myself in the world of BingLiang Xiang, a Lipao tea curated by TEAritoria, Latvia's top retail destination for tea enthusiasts. From the very first sip, I found myself captivated by its exquisite sweetness, which gracefully danced upon my palate.

BingLiang Xiang's allure lies not only in its journey from leaf to cup but also in the unique terroir that shapes its character. Cultivated in the pristine landscapes of Lipao, each leaf carries with it the essence of its surroundings and imbues this tea with a sense of place that speaks volumes.

Its aroma is reminiscent of sweet beets and an earthy embrace that invites you on a sensory journey to the heart of its terroir. The subtle hint of fermentation adds a touch of mystery to its bouquet, inviting exploration with every inhalation.

But it's BingLiang Xiang's taste that truly captivates your soul. Smooth and velvety with balanced minerality dancing delicately on your tongue; this tea offers flavors that harmonize effortlessly - light sweetness mingling with nuanced notes creating melodies lingering long after your last sip.

What sets BingLiang Xiang apart is how intriguingly similar it tastes to Puerh Tea while standing proudly as post-fermented tea in its own right. Its prolonged fermentation process conducted reverently using traditional baskets imparts depth and complexity whispering tales ancient wisdoms into each sip.

Beyond captivating taste though - BingLiang Xian promises vitality and well-being too! Known for nurturing longevity – embodying holistic wellness like no other drink can offer! With each cup comes rejuvenation where mind-body-spirit find harmony within nature’s bounty itself!

Bingliang Xian isn't just another beverage; it’s life celebration through simple pleasures selected by TEAritoria from trusted partners across China brought directly to you via EU marketplace premier producers located throughout Lipao region!

Whether seasoned connoisseur or adventurous spirit eager explore new horizons – let Bingliang xian beckon open arms inviting indulgence symphony flavors & wellness straight outta Lipao Terroir today!

50 gm.
33.40 EUR.
500 g.