Welcome to our Puerh tea section! Puerh tea is a type of fermented tea that is prized for its deep, rich flavor and numerous health benefits. Here, you will find a carefully curated selection of the finest Puerh teas from China. Puerh tea is traditionally produced in the Yunnan province of China and is known for its smooth, earthy flavor and unique fermentation process. This process, which involves aging the tea leaves, results in a tea that is rich in antioxidants and is said to have numerous health benefits. We offer a range of high-quality Puerh teas, including raw Puerh, which is made from unfermented tea leaves, and ripe Puerh, which is made from fermented tea leaves. Whether you prefer the fresh, slightly bitter flavor of raw Puerh or the smooth, rich flavor of ripe Puerh, we have something to suit your taste. All of our Puerh teas are carefully selected for their flavor, aroma, and overall quality. We source all of our teas directly from small, family-owned tea gardens in China and guarantee that each tea is of the highest quality. So, why wait? Browse our selection of Puerh teas today and discover the unique, rich flavor of this traditional Chinese tea.