Indulge in the unparalleled ChunXiang Liupao Tea 2016, specialy selected by connoisseur Kaspars Ulānovs. This exquisite tea, available exclusively at TEAritoria's online shop, offers a journey of nuanced flavors and tranquility, a rare gem from China's Guangxi Province. Limited edition, timeless elegance in every sip.


About this product

Introducing the unparalleled ChunXiang Liupao Tea 2016, meticulously selected by tea connoisseur Kaspars Ulānovs, available exclusively at TEAritoria's online shop! 🍵🌿 Exceptional Quality: Crafted in 2016, this ChunXiang Liupao Tea embodies the pinnacle of quality and taste, reflecting the expertise of generations dedicated to tea mastery.🌟 Unveil Time's Essence: Indulge in a tea that's been patiently aged, revealing a symphony of nuanced flavors that dance on your palate with each sip, a true testament to time's artistry.🌄 Journey to Tranquility: Transport yourself to the serene tea gardens of Guangxi Province with every cup of this exquisite brew, embracing its earthy and soothing tones.🎁 Exclusively Curated: specialty selected Kaspars Ulānovs, this tea is a treasure for true enthusiasts, available only through TEAritoria's online store, showcasing the dedication to offering exceptional teas.🌿 Limited Edition Elegance: Seize the opportunity to own a piece of tea history. The ChunXiang Liupao Tea 2016 is available in limited quantities, ensuring exclusivity and rarity.Don't miss your chance to elevate your tea experience to new heights with the ChunXiang Liupao Tea 2016. Order now and savor the sophistication and finesse that only an expertly chosen tea can offer! 🌟🍃🛍️

50 gm.
4.34 EUR.
500 g.
41.55 EUR.

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