Tearitoria presents the exceptional 2022 Georgian hung cha tea from Guria and Ajara regions. Handpicked and traditionally processed, this rare tea offers a harmonious blend of sweet, floral notes, nuttiness, and a smoky finish. Experience Georgian tea-making artistry with this delightful offering.


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Dear Tearitoria Customer and Tea Enthusiast,

I am thrilled to share with you the story of our exceptional Georgian hung cha harvest of 2022. This remarkable tea is a testament to the devotion and craftsmanship of the Georgian tea farmers, and it's an honor for me, Kaspars Ulanovs, to present it to you through our Tearitoria online shop.

The Georgian hung cha is a rare and exquisite tea variety native to the lush, fertile slopes of the Guria and Ajara regions in Georgia. Our 2022 harvest comes from a family-run, organic tea estate that has been cultivating the highest quality tea leaves for generations. The climate in these regions, with its rich soil, frequent rainfall, and a perfect balance of sun and shade, plays a significant role in nurturing the unique character of this tea.

The 2022 Georgian hung cha harvest took place in May, during the peak of the tea plucking season. Our dedicated tea farmers carefully handpicked each leaf to ensure that only the youngest and most tender leaves were selected. This meticulous process ensures that the tea retains its rich flavor profile and delicate aroma.

Once the tea leaves were plucked, they underwent a traditional and labor-intensive process to become hung cha. The leaves were first withered to reduce moisture content, then rolled to release essential oils and initiate oxidation. Next, the semi-oxidized leaves were pan-fired to halt oxidation, giving hung cha its distinct, mildly roasted taste. The final step involved sun-drying the leaves, which imbued them with a natural sweetness and complexity.

The Georgian hung cha harvest of 2022 is truly a tea lover's delight. When brewed, it yields a beautiful amber liquor with an intoxicating aroma of roasted chestnuts and wildflowers. The flavor profile is a harmonious blend of sweet, floral notes with a hint of nuttiness and a subtle, smoky finish. This tea is perfect to savor on its own or to pair with a variety of savory and sweet dishes.

We at Tearitoria are dedicated to sourcing the finest teas from around the world, and our Georgian hung cha harvest of 2022 is no exception. We invite you to indulge in the artistry and tradition of Georgian tea-making, and we hope that each sip transports you to the idyllic landscapes of Guria and Ajara.

With warm regards,

Kaspars Ulanovs

Founder, Tearitoria Online Shop

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