Discover the sublime experience of Gyokuro Mikoto BIO Tea, a premium organic green tea from the misty mountains of Japan. Shaded from sunlight weeks before harvest, its leaves acquire increased chlorophyll and amino acids, resulting in a robust, sweet flavor and vibrant green color. On brewing, enjoy a delicate sweetness with a velvety umami texture, underscored by notes of steamed spinach and light marine nuances. An exquisite embodiment of Japanese tea culture, Gyokuro Mikoto BIO is an indulgence for the senses and a testament to your love for premium teas.


About this product

Dear tea enthusiast,

This is Kaspars Ulānovs, your guide to the world of exceptional teas. Today, I'm delighted to introduce you to the sublime pleasure of Gyokuro Mikoto BIO Tea.

Sourced from the misty mountains of Japan, Gyokuro Mikoto BIO is indeed the epitome of green tea, often referred to as the "Jade Dew" for its fine, luminous color. This exquisite tea is organically grown, BIO being an international standard for organic certification, assuring you of its authentic, pesticide-free quality.

The journey of creating Gyokuro is an art form in itself. The tea bushes are shaded from sunlight for about three weeks before harvest, a unique practice that leads to an increased level of chlorophyll and amino acids in the leaves. This results in a robust, sweet flavor and a vibrant green color that sets Gyokuro apart from other green teas.

Upon brewing, you'll notice Gyokuro Mikoto BIO's unparalleled character. The infusion exudes a wonderful aroma - vegetal and slightly sweet, an olfactory hint of the taste adventure that awaits. The first sip will introduce your palate to a delicate sweetness with a velvety umami texture, underscored by notes of steamed spinach and light marine nuances. The finish is long, resonating, and filled with tranquility, as if you've been transported to a peaceful Japanese garden.

To fully appreciate Gyokuro Mikoto BIO, I would recommend brewing it in a traditional Japanese kyusu teapot. Use water just below boiling (around 60-70°C) and steep for about 90 seconds. This will draw out the perfect balance of its complex flavor profile.

Remember, this is a tea that commands a certain degree of ceremony and respect. Take your time to prepare it, and more importantly, to savor it. Each sip is a tribute to centuries of Japanese tea culture, a moment of calm, and a personal journey of taste.

I assure you, adding Gyokuro Mikoto BIO to your tea collection would be an indulgence, a delight for your senses, and a testament to your love for premium, organic green teas. Enjoy this luminous jade dew, and let it add an exquisite touch to your everyday tea ritual.

Teafully yours,

Kaspars Ulānovs

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