Indulge in the divine flavors of SereniTea Essence: GQ GuiQing Liupao Tea. This premium tea is sourced from the lush tea plantations of China, where it is grown in perfect harmony with nature. The leaves are carefully selected and skillfully processed to retain their unique characteristics. The result is a tea that boasts a deep, robust flavor with hints of caramel and a smooth, velvety finish. SereniTea Essence is the perfect companion for moments of relaxation and reflection.


About this product

🌿 **Sourced from the Pristine Gardens:** GQ GuiQing Liupao Tea is born from the pristine tea gardens of China's Guangxi Province, where the lush landscape and meticulous cultivation infuse each leaf with unparalleled quality.

🌟 **A Symphony of Flavors:** Delight in a symphony of flavors that unfold with every steep. From its initial earthy notes to the gentle hints of sweetness, this tea embodies a complex yet harmonious profile, perfect for those seeking an extraordinary tea experience.

🍵 **A Meditative Elixir:** Embrace moments of calm and reflection as you sip this exquisite brew. Whether it's a morning ritual or an evening unwind, the GQ GuiQing Liupao Tea invites you to savor each moment mindfully.

🌿 **An Exclusive Offering:** This tea, meticulously chosen by Kaspars Ulānovs, represents the pinnacle of tea excellence. Its exclusivity at TEAritoria's online shop is a testament to its exceptional nature.

🎁 **A Gift of Rarity:** Share the gift of rare sophistication with loved ones. GQ GuiQing Liupao Tea is not just a beverage; it's an expression of refined taste and a touch of luxury.

Savor the beauty and depth of GQ GuiQing Liupao Tea. Immerse yourself in its flavors and embrace the tranquility it brings to each brewing ritual.

50 gm.
21.00 EUR.
500 g.