Discover the ZhenZhen Shan Xiao Zhong Harvest 2022 from Jinjing Town, Changsha County, Hunan


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Hello fellow tea enthusiasts,

I'm Kaspars Ulanovs, and I'm thrilled to share with you an extraordinary tea experience that I've recently discovered. The ZhenZhen Shan Xiao Zhong harvest of 2022 from Jinjing Town, Changsha County, Hunan is a remarkable tea that will leave you in awe with its unique aroma and taste.

Nestled in the heart of Hunan province, Jinjing Town boasts a rich history and culture, with tea cultivation being one of its most prized traditions. The town's fertile soil, pristine water sources, and ideal climate provide the perfect conditions for producing exceptional tea.

The 2022 harvest of ZhenZhen Shan Xiao Zhong has been carefully handpicked and processed by skilled tea artisans, who have honed their craft over generations. This dedication to excellence has resulted in a tea that truly reflects the unique terroir of Jinjing Town.

Upon brewing, you will instantly notice the vibrant, deep amber hue, which is a hallmark of this exquisite tea. The aroma is captivating, with subtle notes of dried fruit, wood, and a hint of sweet caramel. As you take your first sip, you'll be enchanted by the rich, smooth flavor profile, characterized by a delicate balance of malty sweetness, smoky undertones, and a refreshing finish.

ZhenZhen Shan Xiao Zhong is best enjoyed using the traditional gongfu brewing method, which allows you to appreciate its complex layers of flavor over multiple infusions. Each steeping will reveal new nuances, making this tea a delightful journey for your senses.

We are proud to offer this outstanding tea to our Tearitoria online shop customers. We firmly believe that it is an experience that should not be missed by any tea enthusiast. Whether you are a seasoned tea connoisseur or a newcomer to the world of fine tea, ZhenZhen Shan Xiao Zhong harvest of 2022 is sure to become a favorite in your collection.

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Yours in tea appreciation,

Kaspars Ulanovs

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